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I got a television for sale, its in my cupboard, first offer no less than £10 is sold.
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One of the oldest pub in London, one of the few remaining where goth, metal, rock music is played and freguented by alternative people has been sold to a company who want to build flats and offices.
We can't stop the pub being sold, but we can try and stop redevelopment.

Intrepid Fox

A petition is in progress, please help by signing the petition, time is the essence here.
Thanks :)


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I have lots of items for sale at a real bargain, too many to put photos, mostly going for 1, 2 quids each.
No postage fees infact this is good for goths living in london, what I am offering is to come and choose for yourself!
Mostly in black some red, size 10/12 tops, trousers mostly cotton, 2 HIM t-shirt unisex, fitting also a 14, Skipnot jumper with hood size 10/14 dress loose; handbags, coats/jackets, corsets, scarfs, a velvet short dress; plus assorment of CD DVD 1 2 pound each too.
I want to clear everything quickly that's way I am offering at so a low prize, if you buy a lot of stuff you get a reduced prize too.
If you are interested leave a note to arrange to see the stuff.
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Please. If everyone on my friends list would re-post this message, I will be very happy!

Spread the word - Seek the Truth

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I find this and I hope its ok for this group, if not just delete it. :D

Right, just been talking to a friend of mine and she told me about the London Korean Film Festival that start next week.
She is been there last year and she told me that it is good.
The Festival goes from 22 May to 26 May at The Prince Charles cinema and its absolutly free.
Here is the link if anybody is interest to go anytime on their own or with friends:
Now here is the idea, I know is little bit at the last minutes but if anybody can make it would be cool for a meetup. :)
We have decided to go to the one on tuesday 23 May (for start) that start at 8.40pm and we will meet at 6pm at the Intrepid Fox near there, so we been talking about and it would be cool to have a group of goths/vampires invading the cinema...:D
Anybody up for it? We will have a drink first and then head for the cinema little earlier for the ticket...only expenses the journey there and the drinks.
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Well I still don't understand this site a lot, but then I haven't given very much time either...
So I am starting now with this entry just to see the end result, lol, there are so many different pages and still I haven't find a straightforward way of navigating it.
That's it folks!!!! :B
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